The company of ’’SMA-Electronics LTD’’  is registered in 2004 in Bulgaria with initial activity in electronic device commerce when in 2010 expands its activity and begins the production of different electronic products. Currently it has production base where different electronic devices are been assembled for numerous clients from around the world.

 The company specializes in serial production of wide variety of products. The activity includes different stages of the production process - mechanical processing, assembly of electronic elements, electric and computer tests, setting up and final test.
The company is implementing a system of quality management ISO 9001:2008; ISO17025.

 Under the strict control of specialists in Quality control, the completed production is made according to technological requirements of the client.
The production capacity of the company allows short cycle between obtaining raw materials and finished goods repayment. The capacity of the assembling is up to 5000 products in a working shift as there is an opportunity for introduction of shift work.

 Currently a new assembly line is being constructed. The section of the conventional soldering has the ability to make up to 96000 solders a day. The company also has a separate engineering and design department, which has a methodological and technical guidance in production. Technologists in the company produce the most optimal methodology for fast and quality production and in case of need, altogether with the Quality Department, perform corrective actions in the procedures in order to improve the quality of work.